Toledo Limos

Pricing Policies

Paying for luxury transportation in a party bus or limousine is something that is stigmatized as insanely expensive, but we’re here to show you otherwise. We strive to provide the most affordable rates on luxury transportation! We have many returning customers; a testament to our affordable and fair pricing. Our success depends on your happiness as a customer, so we do everything in our power to give you the lowest prices possible. Our pricing depends on a multitude of variables that change constantly in order to give you the lowest rate at any given time. We know you’ll be pleased with our prices when you compare it to the quality of our services.

Do you still think you’ll be unable to pay for a party bus or limousine? Don’t fret, we’re here to offer you a couple of solutions. In order to get the lowest price possible, make sure you avoid our highest demand periods of time that include early spring until late summer, as well as weekends beginning with Friday. One great way to control costs, is splitting the cost between all of the passengers to get an even lower price. All we need to know from you to give a quote is where you’re going, how many passengers, and when. Our agents will even success things you can do to get a lower price, such as scheduling pick up time earlier in the day.

When we give you a price quote, you can be assured that it includes every penny of what we intend on charging you. Unlike other companies in the area, we are compassionate when it comes to our pricing and we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees of any kind. What you see is precisely what you get when you book with us, so make sure you choose the right company when you’re looking for professional transportation!

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